My Pedalboard- Effects chain

Welcome viewers. I know I’ve seen many questions on pedalboards, their setups and the hows and whys behind it all. I’m going to talk about my board today, and in subsequent posts inform on WHY I placed each effect where, why I chose this particular effect, and why I may change and the difference of sounds with each change.

The recommended setup is as follows (generally):

1) Filter Effects (wah, envelope filters)

2) Overdrive/Distortion

3) Equalizers

4) Pitch effects (vibrato etc)

4) Modulation effects (chorus, flange etc)

5) Echo effects

This is general, and not hardcore rules. You’ll find people who place the wah AFTER the OD and Distortion. That’s fine. It depends on taste. You’ll see that I have moved one pedal when compared to the rule when you view my board. You’ll also see that there are a million different effects out there and some do not fit the description of the categories given. Again, just place accordingly.
The basic philosophy is to think of whats happening to the chain of effects. From guitar to an overdrive, to a modulation effect, like a phaser- to an echo. So your note played on guitar get distorted, then spun in the phaser before finally echoing on itself. Now, imagine how it would be if you played the echo into the phaser. You lose the echo effect.
The key is to try to figure out how you want your sound to be processed.

So now: here is my board:

My Pedal board

1) Dunlap Crybaby Wah, 2) Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer Analogman mod, 3) Boss CS3 compressor/sustainer CMATMODS mod plus, 4) Electro Harmonix LPB1 Line Boost, 5) Boss DS1 Distortion Analogman mod, 6) Dan Electro Tuna Melt Tremolo, 7) Boss DD3 digital delay stock, 8 Line 6 verbzilla reverb, 9) Volume Pedal with a bypassed Boss TU2 Tuner.

Look for my upcoming posts where I explain each effect, why I chose it, why I placed it there and why it may be different than traditional configurations. I’ll explain the differing styles I can get and how I layer my sound with a band. The biggest piece of info to learn from here is how to blend with the band and create dynamics of sound without sticking out- then jumping out there to play your screaming leads. After the board discussion (or during depending on q’s from you guys or how I feel) I will place scales and favorite licks that I use so you can practice too.

edit: see the page in the top right corner “Pedal board setup: Guitar Effects 101.” This is my new page, and it will be ever evolving as I change my pedal board to meet my needs. Some things have changed since I last wrote this post- its all going to be there!

Enjoy, and Dios te bendiga!


8 Responses

  1. Also check the link on the right: Pedalboard setup, guitar effects basics 101, under “my pages” This page changes as I change my current board, and lets you know where I place new stuff. This page will be ever-edited= evolving as my taste/style in music does.

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  3. How do you attatch velcro to the back of ur crybaby wah

  4. Dexter–
    I just put some heavy-duty velcro on the back !
    I also had to remove the rubber feet to make the pedal flat to the floor. Then I bought smaller screws as the screws holding it together were still too long. It cost about 50 cents to fix it up. Hehe.

  5. Does the guitar amp, need another input for the pedalboard?

  6. @Clarissa: No! 🙂 The guitar plugs into the pedals in one-continuous chain, and then the amp plugs into the last pedal. All you need is one input!

  7. i play in a punk metal band and my pedalpad is as follows…1 morley a/b/y 2 boss cs3 comp/sustainer (modded) 3 mxr fullbore metal 4 metal muff w/ top boost 5 electric harmonix neo clone 6 jim dunlap kirk hammet signature wah. i use my effects loop inmy marshall hdfx100watt head for my bbe sonic stomp.i also use a stagg 60watt combo 2 even out the highs the marshall is split mono into 2 cabs a marshall cab and a line6 cab..

  8. Is that list from guitar to amp? or amp to guitar?


    amp > wah > sustainer > delay > guitar

    or vica versa?

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