Like all the guitarists I know, I have G.A.S.

And you dear reader, probably have it too.

Have you ever seen a guitarist, looked upon his guitar in envy, wanted to plunder his pedal board, and perhaps steal the amp? You have G.A.S.

This is severely rehabilitating disease that comes first from those brightly colored stompboxes, then as it worsens, moves to guitars and other other major equipment. I have it. I am almost incurable. I am fighting it right now to get a Strat, Tele and Mashall ministack.

What is G.A.S.? “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.” Basically, its a “give me, give me” when you view the newest stompbox or hear of a modification possible on an existing stompbox. It comes with the current buzz words “TONE” or “Analog”- whenever your newly modified performance is enhanced by their product. Ultimately it comes from a desire to be your own guitar god!

Why do I bring this up?
Well, As I stated, I’m going to explain my pedalboard, the mods and why I chose certain effects over others etc. A good friend I know who has been playing many years and knows his chops better than me was struck with this syndrome after “finding THE sound” playing on my board. Before he spends a million trying to duplicate my board, I tried to give him ways to get that same sound with his existing effects. If you do NOT have these effects to this board, you may have something similar already. Remember, the point of guitar and effects is to get YOUR sound NOT mine!
Even my setup isn’t so much “my” sound as it is my church’s sound. I actually like it a bit heavier. My board was created in a way to be versatile on the go. And it has worked beautifully. I can play almost anything, any style, anywhere.

Those thoughts are what I use to cure my G.A.S. : I can play almost anything, any style, anywhere.
I don’t need every piece of equipment I see. My purpose in playing… now- I have it.

Its a shame I can’t cure my drummer’s gas. (yes cheap shot, sorry)


2 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, that was a cheap shot at drummers.
    Sorry bout that !!!

  2. How ’bout that little Fender/Boss 65 Vibrolux pedal!!?? I tried it interlocking it with the TS9 and the Grunge and it gave me like a saddle where to strum with a salty, tube like reverberized crunch in preparation for the kill with the overdrives. Hey you guys out there… this guy is nuts about effects and believe me… he knows his stuff!! By the way… the cheapest gitar on my cabinet has turned out to be my favorite. It’s a Samick SAN450 (335 clone) for which I paid the alarming sum of $150 (pawn shop Arlington). Now… I’m talking to YOU, the guy who pawned it. Just what in the world were you thinking of??!! That guitar plays like the wind. The fretboard is sweet and it has a great intonation. It has a 24.25 scale neck (yes… twenee foh and a quata) and that makes it SOOOOO easy to do those finger stretches which I could hardly manage on my other 25.5 inch babies. Pickups (specially the treble one) sing and really push my amp to it’s limit (yeah, I just bought one) overdriving it. The actions is incredibly low (neck radius seems to be at least a 13) and still those one and a half step bends and hand vibratos come easy and cristal clear. See you guys later. I will just remain sitting here looking like this (I heard that one today at a Waffle House) and you just hang tight. Remember the Lord loves you. Strum it for Him. Bye

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