Differing performances–simplicity vs everything

My buddy Karl over at guitarforworship.wordpress.com just posted a unique post on performance and the difference between “stripped” and simple art compared to playing with all our effects etc…

In the spirit of simplicity, I will keep this post simple and perhaps elaborate my thoughts in a blog after this one.

Okay, one of my new favorite bands is one out of Nashville called Luna Halo. They actually started playing the Christian music scene around ’95 by the name Reality Check. 2 CCM hits later- “Masquerade” and “Know You Better”– and they split. Later, some of them reformed for 2001’s release by Luna Halo “Shimmer.” (side note, I played with their bassists during this time 🙂 ) Now, they are reformed again under the production of Rick Rubin (U2 anybody?) for American Records. Their new single is “Untouchable” and is a kickin’ tune. Check it out:


for some reason that video wont embed. maybe its because it said embedding diabled. Who knows. Well, here is a pic of the boys.

for some reason that video won't embed. maybe its because it said "embedding disabled." Who knows. Well, here is a pic of the boys. Click the pic for the vid, or the link above!

Now compare the stripped down version, covered by Nashville’s newest sweetheart.

Which do you like best?

What are your thoughts in a worship setting after viewing this?


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  1. Very cool. And my answer is both. I don’t think the acoustic version would be powerful without having heard the electric version. It’s so important to mix it up….like when U2 comes out and does Sunday Bloody Sunday acoustic. So great!! But you want the electric version, too. Give and take, ebb and flow, delicate and driving, dissonance and consonance…..the same stuff that makes up a song should make up a set; and the same stuff that makes up a set should make up our year of Sunday morning sets or whatever.

    On a side note, it’s really nice to hear Christian bands finally incorporating that dance beat into their drum parts….it’s only been popular for about 5 years now, and they’re already on it. That’s pretty good for the Christian music industry. 😉 Really good song, though….surprised me a lot.

    And on another side note, thanks for the plug! 😉

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