New, boutique gear– a gotta have, or just a clever idea?

So I am torn…. My favorite guy in boutique effects is Analogman (followed by Barber Electronics). And he just rigged up a new pedal deal-io, based on some of his classic sounds. For those who aren’t as geeky as me, the pedal I’m describing is a Maxon OD9. Maxon is the company whom originally produced all of Ibanez’s classic effects, most notably the Tubescreamer TS9. Now Ibanez is making them somewhere else, and Maxon is making the same effects, but with different names. OD9 is their tubescreamer- only it has the original JRC chip that the modern TS9 is lacking. OH, and it is True Bypass from the start, no buffers.

Analogman has stated that there is alot of room in the OD9 circuit board and that other things could be done to it. After he fulfilled a special request to a customer, he came up with:

Its a beauty....

The "new" standard for TScreamers?

This pedal is a combination of the Tubescreamer with a vintage “Bad Bob Boost” installed IN IT! This gives you 2 effects in one. You can even specialize where you want the boost, before the overdrive circuit, or after. The difference is before it will boost the volume slightly, and give you more/hotter distortion. After it will just boost your signal as is, which is perfect for those of us who want what we have, just more of it. AND both sides are independent- you can have the overdrive, or the boost, or both. Wow, huh.

I figured this post fits well after my post on boosts. And I got GAS bigtime when I saw this. I do like my TS, and this would be cool. Even just to have these 2 effects in one is a good pedalboard saver.

What do you think- good idea, or just a clever marketing strategy? Is this a valid piece of gear? (I think we guys can give any piece of gear validity) Or is this just more boutique madness?


4 Responses

  1. Totally valid! Especially if you need a boost. Lots of pedals come with boosts in them these days. I wouldn’t find it helpful because I always stack my TS after a low OD so I like the boost before both. This would be perfect if you need a boost or just want one pedal between guitar and amp.

    I didn’t realize the Ibanes TS9 wasn’t true bypass. My friend did an A/B of the analog man ibanez and maxon TS9 mods and like the maxon much better, so that’s what I got.

    I like analog man too 🙂

  2. Boosts are always valid. You never know when you need a little extra on the fly. Any pedal that I like that ends up also having a separate boost switch in it, is a plus. Providing it is a separate footswitch, and not something you have to turn on by hand.

  3. cool. i think they got the idea for the mod from the fulltone GT500 where you can put the boost pre or post the distortion. i find that multi-purpose pedals are always a plus especially if they sound good 🙂

  4. mike- i can’t say i have a “man crush’ on Analogman, but… maybe he’s more like that crazy, fun uncle who spoils me. Something like that…

    Karl- yup, the normal switch is the TS9, the other “TB” looking switch is for the boost. You are right when you say “you never know when you need a little extra on the fly”. My LPB1 boost is always in my gig bag JUST IN CASE something doesn’t sound right. I can fatten it all up in a simple click…

    rhoy- yeah. just yeah 🙂

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