The Pick Fairy…

There you are- playing away, jamming your best, and you realize that you, YES YOU, have a favorite pick. This pick was from the same pack of picks as all the others you played (cuz you bought them in bulk, cuz hey- when you find something good, they are going to discontinue it right? So buy it up so you will never be out!). But its better. You can’t explain it. It just works! Suddenly its wrapped perfectly to your thumb. Every note, riff, and melody line sounds fantastic!

This pick never leaves your side. This faithful companion even TASTES good when you place it in your mouth! (the “third hand” as known by guitarists everywhere– it can even play the guitar if you let it) In fact, everytime you change your pants/jeans, it goes right back where you can easily access it: in that funky change/pocket-watch pocket, which is above the right pocket (hereafter the “pick-pocket” hehe). This pick-pocket is PERFECT for holding picks! It easily holds up to 5, different shapes, sizes AND colors!! Who was the genius guitar player to infiltrate the pants company to get this thing established? Whoever it was- I LOVE YOU!

By immediately removing the pick from the pants pocket, putting on a differing pair of pants, and then putting the pick right back in the pick-pocket, you always have your little friend. Wow.

Then one night, you are getting ready for bed. You are in your “Ace of Spades” boxers (only one Ace there, Ace.) and suddenly decided you need to take your Zendrive for one last drive before turning in. You play beautiful music which no one else will ever hear, then go to turn in for the night. WAIT! No pick-pocket (unless you have SWEET boxers). Well, you place the pick on top of the amp and go to bed.

The next day you wake in a start!!! YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE PICK FAIRY!!!! The Pick Fairy is the taker of picks left in full view! You run from your hour of rest, straight to the amp and fall on your knees- mourning your loss of the perfect pick. The Pick Fairy doesn’t even leave dollars like the Tooth Fairy. Some believe she is the evil twin.

A day later you find the pick in the dryer. How did that get there?

The best pic ever! Grip low and strong and its tight and strong- riffing awesomeness. Grip high and loose, and it bends- rhythm awesomeness!
The best pic ever! Grip low and strong and its tight and rigid- riffing awesomeness. Grip high and loose, and it bends- rhythm awesomeness!

I love these Tortex pics. Mainly because they have a textured grip, but as you play it smooths out. It also kinda molds to your grip as it smooths out. I have never broken one of these, and I dare say I haven’t dropped a pick in several years due to the “grip” it has on my fingers. Very durable, versatile, and long lasting— until the Pick Fairy comes.

How is it that no matter where I put my picks, they always disappear?


7 Responses

  1. I love the little green tortex jazz picks. I can’t use the regular-sized ones anymore – it feels like I’m trying to play with a credit card or something.

  2. my pick of choice for the past 2 years … Jazz III! i like the red ones 🙂

  3. ya, the red jazz III are my pick of choice now. Going from the light tortex to the jazz III was quite the jump!

    I never though to use the little pocket in my jeans for picks! Such a useless pocket otherwise.

  4. I’ll buy about twenty picks, and the pick fairy will eat every last one. I’m serious. I bought an entire pack not to long ago, and considering I rarely play anywhere other than my room I can’t understand where they have all gone. The pick fairy is the best explination I’ve heard so far.
    I can’t remember what type I buy, but I know they’re purple and come in a can. They’re pretty awesome.
    I might try out those tortex picks one day though.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been playing (unknown to me that it was a JazzIII) with a Jazz III for years when I am mainly the ambient, solo- riffer in the band. If I play a mix, or mainly rhythm, I just feel like its too small- thus the yellow tortex. One day- after school- i’ll get the time to learn to play rhythm with them.

    Stupid Pick Fairy

  6. i too am i tortex fan, but make my green! 🙂

  7. I’ll switch my picks around based on what I’m trying to play. Honest. Cheapest way to change my tone.

    – Jim Dunlop little stubbies 2.00mm (I think that these little purple guys were what you were referring to outerspacerobot).
    – Those quick little red jazz picks. Bright and fast.
    -Regular Jim Dunlop 1.5mm. I sand down the narrow end for grip and play it ‘upside down’. That way I can still really dig the strings and, with a slight change in angle, play fast chords/changes that don’t sound like they’re being played with a penny.

    When the Pick-fairy gets to my place, she scores big! I don’t know how she gets all three at once, but she does….

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