In Class with G.A.S.

Of Course I am talking about “Gear Aquisition Syndrome”, but of course I enjoyed the jr high fart joke as well.

Check out this vid. I really enjoyed it. Really… really…. mmmmm, tasty. I mean, if you can’t taste this, then something isn’t connected right…. tasty….


Anyone have experience with the Zen 2 or the Ethos? Whats the opinion on them?

If video doesn’t load, you can find it here:


7 Responses

  1. The non-tube ZenDrive 2 stood out to me. I think “creaminess” is sometimes used when “muffled” would be a better tonal description! I thought the ZD2 had the right amount of high end to cut through the mix while still better incredibly sweet…

  2. Yeah, I absolutely love my zen– although it sometimes gets lost in the mix of things due to that “fuzzy” background when I play leads. I LOVE it for low gain OD. Great! I have been a TubeScreamer guy for awhile, and I now use my Zen 80% of the time. Still trying to figure out if I need to take my TS off the board or not….

    But its like my security/safety blanket. I don’t think I could play with out its greeness (my fav color) and the Analogman sunshine looking at me.

  3. The Zendrive 2 has more sag and is more amp-like than the Zendrive 1. The 1 is a little harsher, but in a good way. I’d say the 2 is better for blues, or as the ‘Dumble-in-a-box’, and the 1 is better as a more gainy overdrive. A while ago I demo’d them both together and filmed it, but my playing was so bad that day that I haven’t brought myself to be able to post it yet. hehe

  4. i think the boogie have outdone the pedals 🙂

    oh yeah, no experience on any of these. although i got extra money right now but i don’t know what to get 😦

  5. Rhoy— I LOVE the Zen. If you “need” to try something, I highly recommend that. There is a lot of Hype, but its one of the few pedals that impressed me within 10 mins out of the box. Even my beloved Analogman DS1 didn’t strike me on how good it was until a month later.
    Give it a shot. If you like it, but prefer higher gain/fuzz… the Mosferatu is the same thing (to my ears) just higher gained.
    Personally I was really into the Ethos sound… hmmm… buts its 400, which means I would give up my shot at a Damage Control Timeline.

  6. hey man. i just bit the bullet and ordered the Zendrive (actually sent payment 2 minutes ago)! I sent the request on Dec 7 & I got the “Zendrive is ready” message today. that’s 3-day turn around 🙂

  7. wow!!! Terrific! Mine was a 3 mo turn around, and people before me were about 7 mo!

    Good job there!! It did take him about another 2 weeks or so to ship it out to me, so don’t get your hopes way up! 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing your impressions on it!

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