Inspiration, desire to learn, progressing into something new.

This is to be a short post.

For you faithful readers, my exam is next Tues and Wed, total of 16 hours worth of an exam. Yup. Thats cool.

My break from the band is coming to a close. I met with them at practice Wed night and we are doing some “old” stuff that the pastor wants to run through. But man, I had some ideas beyond my old fills I normally do. Sometimes it does pay to stop, because you get out of that rhythm, that natural place and have to find your own way again. I experimented with several licks I would never have thought to put together. I can’t wait to try them out.

Inspiration has hit me as I’m trying out a few new overdrives. Surprisingly, when I picked up my guitar (first time in 4-5 weeks?) I did not like my setup. Zendrive is still smooth, still has what I’m looking for but I’m missing something. I clicked on the Hermida Distortion and its not as “full” as I remember it being. I’m going to leave them on there for this Sunday to see if concert volumes have anything to do with it. Wow, I can’t believe I’m saying this— but the Distortion may be looking for a new home based on how it performs Sunday. Any interests?
That said, my newest ebay products really nailed a few sounds (and impressed me more than I expected to).

1) The Fulltone OCD v4 gave a great british driving/Hillsong sound straight out of the box with very little tweaking. This pedal just sounds good. I switched it down to the “LP” switch which is supposedly more “transparent” and it wasn’t quite what I was looking for— but I had an impromptu blues jam with myself and the DD20 looper based on the sounds it made. Wow. “HP” is great Marshally distortion and “LP” is Fendery Blues. This pedal is versatile enough I think it may be a contender to knock something off my board.

2) Barber Small Fry: sounded Tubescreamerish to me when i first tried it a week ago. Now, I tweaked the internal trimmers back to factory settings and wow- oh wow. Its very rich and thick. The “Dynamics” knob makes it as compressed or uncompressed as you want. Very solo oriented. Also tweaked a blues sound and played another 15 mins. hehe
I would say this unit from Barber is the most tweakable I’ve owned yet. Today I heard a guitar solo and immediately thought “Thats the Small Fry!” It was awesome, deep, rich, sustainy– TONEFUL!!! –Nope, it was a little band called Pink Floyd and the song had been recorded before I was born.  Basically, this pedal is very David Gilmour in certain settings.

Speaking of David Gilmour:

–if that doesn’t inspire you, then nothing is going to!

and Lastly:

I stumbled across this website:

At first I was thinking “this stuff is cheesey” but after I watched a couple, then learned a bit (all of the free vids), I’m hooked. I thought I was above certain things (i know most of the scales etc…) but the presentation of certain “styles” like Clapton, Gilmour, etc… Wow, it opened new doors for me.

The secret to passion is finding something that fuels your passion. Learning, and having a new style that sounds good is a great place to start. No one is too good to stop learning.
And here is where I kinda fell into today: David Gilmour lick (free lesson).

A break is a great time to renew ones mind and soul. The energy I feel is awesome. I cannot wait to get back into my “groove”.

Next up is actual reviews of some of this gear plus I’ll finally have time to demo some things as I promised. Keep your eyes out!


5 Responses

  1. Cool post, bro. Gilmour. 🙂

    And I’ll be praying for you as you take those exams!

  2. 16 hours worth of exams?! WOW!

    demos would be great and a good break for you after an exam like that 🙂

    and yeah, Gilmour is pretty good. Crosby and Nash backing him up as well. this is just great musicianship & great music all in all …

  3. I hope you survived your exams.
    Are you keeping the Barber?
    I have the earlier version called the Burn Unit but Dave made me a 4 button version so I could save some space on the board. It sounds like a distortion pedal that can get a little fuzzy. Some people have called it a boutique rat but I’m not sure I’d go that far.

  4. @dan- I’m not sure about the Barber… yet. I haven’t had enough time to play with it alot yet, but so far I really really like it. I know for sure I’m selling a few other drives, so we’ll see. I plan on playing around this weekend to really narrow down what I’m keeping or not.

    (keep you posted!)

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