Barber Small Fry

I got this pedal a while back and tweaked it this past weekend for about 30 mins which then led to 3 hours of playing (also known by my wife as “screwing around”). Then I premiered it in place of the Zendrive on my board on Sunday,  taking over the Zen’s duties.

Here are my initial impressions:

Yes. Definitely. Get. It. NOW.

MMMM... Yes. Definitely. NOW.

Details to follow. (BTW, the flip toggle switch at the top is labeled “fun” on the interior. Just kidding… maybe…)


10 Responses

  1. lol @ “screwing around”!

    wow, that is saying a lot when it kicks out a zen to give way to this pedal … demo coming? 🙂

  2. Better than Zen? Seriously?!

  3. Gentlemen—- I did not say it dethroned the Zen, I just used it in the Zen’s place 😉
    But its a heck of a pedal, and some have said it beats the Zen.
    Look for a new post (around Monday?) about it vs the Zen.

    IMHO, it can cover 90% of the Zen sound, but has more tonal range. More full sound (Bass/mid/treble) than the Zen, not quite as much of that “amp” sound the Zen has, but 90% of it is close enough into your own cranked amp. Then all the other variations you can create with the other knobs and internal pots. Wow. Research this one gents…. I’m keeping it.
    @Jeff– yup, goodbye Blackstone…

  4. I’ll have to check out some Barber pedals again soon. It’s been a couple years. Probably not the red ones, though. 😉 Just finally got all the reds and oranges off my board. And color is of course, the most important thing.

  5. You left a comment about the shape shifter on about the tap on the ss. I left this response and thought you would be interested:

    I have the shape shifter and like it a lot. I agree that it would be nice to be able to tap tempo while not engaged. There is a mod for that:

    According to the website, it only involves clipping one or two wires after opening up the pedal!!

    The website states the following: Open the Shape Shifter and remove the black bottom piece. Near the 9V battery clip you will see “S1C” on the board. Cut or remove one or both of the wires running from S1C to the blue 3PDT foot switch. The trem processor will now stay on all the time, and it will receive your tap inputs even when the pedal is in audio bypass.

    Let me know if you try to do it! I have not been brave enough to take a wire cutter to my pedal . . . yet.


  6. Seriously considering the Small Fry Burn Unit. I saw your comments about it on Gear Page last year. Also on Karl’s blog.

  7. Hey Randy! Thanks for checking in! Yeah, I really like the Small Fry. Its more of a solo pedal than rhythm, but does rhythm well. Its a bit more compressed than a Zendrive, has a tone more options and a more harmonic and more gain structure.
    I’m hoping to record a demo of it vs the Jetter vs the Zen in the coming weeks.
    Its not currently on my board, but is a keeper. I’m sure I’ll bump it back on soon!

  8. Just placed my order for a small fry. I can’t seem to find out how much it weighs compared to a standard BOSS pedal. It will be replacing a BOSS OD-3. It does appear that it will be smaller in dimensions.

    My board is nothing like Karl’s but the handle on the SKB PS-45 broke once already so weight is a concern.

  9. Randy…. Its def lighter than a boss pedal. But, its a bit bigger than one. It was really a surprise how much I like it!
    However, let me say again: It takes time tweaking the internals to match it to your amp. I really didn’t care for it until I did that.

  10. Well my “amp” is either the Tech 21 Liverpool after it or the church PA system since I’m going direct. The wonderful crunchy sound the leader gets here inspired me to look for a better OD — I understand he’s using a Matchless but even if I could justify the expense of a Matchless, it probably wouldn’t work in our small church

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