A Taste of My Sunday… (Eres Todo Poderoso)

I talk often about how my second service on Sunday mornings is drastically different than the first or third services. One, its in Spanish and two, the culture is completely different. The islanders can get charismatic at a drop of a dime, or change instantly into a very reverent service (like wow, reverent).

Here is our congregation’s current favorite song (with my approximate translation):


La unica razón de mi adoración/ The only reason for my worship
Eres tu mi Jesus/ Is you, my Jesus
Mi unico motivo para vivir/ My only motive for living
Eres tu mi Señor/ is you my Lord

Mi unica verdad esta en Ti/ My only truth is in you
Eres mi luz y mi salvación/ You are my light, my salvation
Mi unico amor/ My one love
Eres tu Señor/ is  you my Lord
y por siempre Te alabaré / and forever I will praise you


(Tu) Eres todo poderoso/ you are all powerful
Eres grande y majestuoso/ You are great and majestic
Eres fuerte, invensible/ Strong, never changing (like unfaltering, unwavering)
y no hay nadie como tu/ there is no one like you

We usually start they way they ended- slow and sweet with some harmonic minors thrown in there. Then we get faster and more up to speed about the second time through.
Its always something new, and I’ve had a blast doing it. Still having a bit of trouble keeping up in the background vocals and harmonies as my natural language is NOT Spanish (hehe). I sometimes just do ambient “Ahhh, eeehhh” vowel sounds in the harmony when the songs get real wordy. 🙂


5 Responses

  1. you got some pretty cool lights there @ your church larry! lol 🙂
    it’s cool to hear of places where mutli-ethnic worship is being embraced.
    Just think what heaven’s gonna be like 😉

  2. surprisingly, i actually like this song 🙂

    our acoustic guitarist grew up in latin america and everytime we jam, he would play/sing some great spanish songs. i could pick out some words and hopefully i can fully understand them later on.

    thanks for sharing bro!

  3. @steven- yeah, its amazing when I go from our early service in English with hymns and old people and I dare NOT use distortion (only smooth blues/jazz here) then to the Spanish worship service that can get pretty charismatic, to the 3rd service in English that the youth and young folk come to where I can play the CCM type stuff. Its an amazing mix.
    I really get caught up in the Spanish worship– i don’t know the words all the time, but as I learn them and realize the lyrics- the worship just sucks you into this new culture that is praising your God. Ekklesia: the community. Very nice.

    @rhoy: thanks bro. My favorite Spanish favorite worship song. This post was inspired by another one I read recently– some guy playing bass in a Farsi service? Maybe you’ve heard it?

  4. haha! lol 🙂

  5. That’s a great song. I had to email the link to some of my friends…

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