Easter Service and pics

This past Sunday I literally had an 8 hour gig at church. I did my normal 3 services, and a special one.
Our community holds a Sunrise service in the city of Old San Juan. Old San Juan is surrounded by the ocean on 3 sides, and is made of the old city. We setup on top of one our 500+ years old forts (called San Cristobal). There is no feeling like a rockstar feeling than playing some loud leads, overlooking the ocean as the sun comes up— while standing on a 500 year old fort!!


1) All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises — with  a rocking lead to wake everyone up
2) Everlasting God
3) Jesus Messiah
4) I Will Rise
5) Hope of the Nations

So basically we did a Tomlin album with a Baloche song. Heh.

Very good set, and exciting.

We arrived at 4am to begin setup. Some joked we were there before God (oh yea… run!) We were about 80% setup by 5-5:15 and it began to rain- a soft ocean shower. I have never screamed at my pedalboard when i saw water touching my precious Hermida stuff. Garbage bags and tarps covered everything and a few moments later the rain stopped. It then dried in under 15 mins. A scare, but everything else was fine from there on out….

Oh, and it was a community event. There were the conservative, older Wesleyeans, the younger inner city crowd, the charismatic crowd, and this pastor who ran around during worship blowing a conch shell. Still not sure where he was from- only…. its a little distracting when you are playing your part and you hear Boromir’s horn (LOTR reference, yes).

And of course, here is my board from the event:

Mmm... this was fun.

Mmm... this was fun.

This is pretty much my normal board except I traded my wah for the TonePress (compressor), and ran the Barber Small Fry after the comp, but before the volume pedal. My main OD is the Zen, but for leads I goose it with the Barber SF for some seriously nice sounds. The OCD was the “harsh” rhythm pedal when you want to really rock a second chorus or bridge. I used the muff as my main volume swell device – into a long modulated delay in the DD20 and into a nice decaying Verbzilla reverb. I only used the trem as a slow picking intro on one of the Tomlin songs.

Those of you with sharp eyes noticed the Hermida Distortion just sitting there in-between the DD20 and the Verbzilla. Yeah, I brought it as “back up” if for some reason in practice I didn’t like my tone. It was either going to be my lead pedal or my harsh rhythm pedal. The Barber SF into the Zen was something I wasn’t going to touch, and for rhythm… well, the OCD is a bit more compressed, a bit more nasal sounding as compared to the transparent Hermida pedal, BUT that nasal sound cut the mix alot better when I A/B’ed and asked the sound guy what he heard.

As for the compressor, I used it on our soft solos in prayers, in the small messages etc…
We needed something that could fill the background softly, that would still cut through, but would sustain pretty. The Tone Press lets you add your dry signal attack so your natural playing is uncompressed, but the lagging note is. If you think “Wonderful Tonight” by Clapton– that was the effect I had. 🙂

I’m very proud of the sounds I have in this board and how versatile it is. I’m amazed at how it has progressed over the last 2 years. And wow, what a service!

I’m gonna go on a limb here and use a fellow blogger’s signature:




4 Responses

  1. wow that seems like fun Easter service! hard work, for sure. but compared to what Christ has endured for us, this is peanuts 🙂

    btw, we also did Everlasting God, I Will Rise & Hope of the Nations for the Easter service!

    lol @ screaming due to water!

  2. Rhoy- Thanks!! Interesting that we did the same songs.
    And yeah, when it started to rain, I threw garbage bags over the amp…. then layed on my pedal board until someone brought a tarp over. Whoo… very interesting day!

  3. Those sunrise pictures are awesome!
    I’m glad you were able to cover the pedals in time. 🙂

  4. lay on your pedal board! =D “splendid”!

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