Pedalboard update

Like many other gear-heads, I change my pedalboard about every 3 months. I never know why, it just happens.

For those following the blog, I really didn’t change any of the effects, or even the chain- I just made the whole thing simpler. This allowed me to fit effects that normal I just “rotate out” when I don’t need them (compressor, wah).

My main motivation was putting effects that I stomp on the most to the bottom level of my board where I could get to them easily. I used to have the delay on the top level and my overdrives on the bottom level. But I realized that while I may use two overdrives for a song, I only click once to turn on/off and then click the other on. I may use 2 delays or more, throw in some tap tempo and tremolo: I’m really dancing around.

Notice I pretty much just moved my bottom row to the top, and pulled the top row to the bottom. This allows fast, easy access to the tap tempos of the DD20 and the Tremolo. Playing with it last Sunday proved it to be the right decision: so easy to use. And as I stated, I now fit my compressor and my wah on there as well. The only thing I need to play with is the placement of the tuner. When I clicked it on I completely moved 2 of the knobs on the Small Fry which gave me a very interesting lead sound I was not prepared for.

MMMmmm, gear. I never get tired of looking at it!

MMMmmm, gear. I never get tired of looking at it!

So my chain:

Crybaby with True Bypass mod (CMATMODS) >
Barber Tone Press (compressor)>
Ernie Ball Volume pedal with Boss TU2 tuner in the tuner out>
Barber Small Fry (high gain, or lead boost)>
Fulltone OCD (Mid gain rhythm, tight/sharp soft sounding leads)>
Hermida Audio Zendrive (low gain and ambient type leads)>
Electro Harmonix Lil’ Big Muff (for volume swells/violin sounds)>
Seymour Duncan Shape Shifter (tremolo)>
Boss DD20 digital delay with tap tempo on out>
Line 6 Verbzilla (reverb)>ย  AMP

All powered by Visual Sound 1-Spot and held together with George L cable.

I have been rotating a few pedals in and out for the dirt pedals. The Zendrive is being tested against the Hermida Audio Nu-Valve, and the Nu-Valve is showing some promise. I also have thrown a Barber LTD (mod with 2x the gain) in that sections.ย  The OCD is being switched with the Hermida Distortion, Mosferatu, or Analogman DS1 whilst the Small Fry…. well, for some reason I just can’t get rid of the Small Fry. I don’t exactly love this pedal, but it sounds so good in a live setting. Incredibly good. That Barber guy… wow.

The Muff gets changed for a Fuzz… but Fuzz is too temperamental here with all the humidity and rapid weather changes. Muff generally stays.

If you notice, even though I still rotate the dirt boxes, its still the same order: lead boost into a high gain, into a low gain/amp type sounding pedal. This really works for me.

All I’m waiting for now is for my Tim to show up. It’ll be fun, but I do dread having to rearrange the board again. (Drat!) Unless I just leave it in the last sections- amp simulator/low gain- and then its sure to be a winner.


6 Responses

  1. hey larry, i’m actually struggling right now whether to make a smaller board or not. the idea is that if i hardly use a pedal, that means i probably don’t really need it. i know it’s a tough pill to swallow … i mean, really hard ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Yeah, so true Rhoy. The thing for me is our services are so extreme from one Sunday to the next. If I were in a normal church, I’d probably wean about 2-3 pedals from my board, easy. But being a bilingual church its very interesting.

    Of course, the default is “I don’t really use this pedal… so I should find a new one to replace it!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I got to hear my friend’s new Small Fry pedal at practice last night. Previously, I had let him and another friend borrow my Burn Unit. It sounded great through a Fender HRD and his rhythm sound compared favorable to his Marshall half stack. For $75-100 used, this pedal is a steal. I like drive pedals with an edge instead of round with some compression. I’ll admit that seeing a Marshall 4-12 cabinet at church makes me laugh.

  4. Small Fry is one of the best I have heard. It doesn’t sound great in the bedroom, but as soon as you are playing at a performance volume: WOW!!!

  5. Hi Larry, nice pedalboard…
    I’m from Czech republic and I play in a worship team in Pilsen.
    Let me ask you a question… What do you think about Korg pitchblack pedal tuner? I’m deciding between Boss TU-2 and Korg Pitchblack pedal tuner.

    Thank you for your answer…
    God bless you


  6. @Zakkiss…. Welcome to my site! The most fun for me is seeing how the internet makes the world a bit smaller. I never imagined people all over the world would read this!

    As for the Korg and TU2… I like them equally. The Korg has a slightly bigger display. Really, try to test them together and see which has the brighter LEDs.

    I have been using a TU2 for over 12 years and the only complaint is that in some sunlight conditions I cannot see it well. But that is once every other year or so. Some people complain about Boss effects, but all my pro friends from Nashville use them. Don’t get caught up in the boutique market when you can save a few bucks and get a real workhorse that you need!

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