New Edition to the Family…

So.. the “stork” (USPS) came by today and delivered a  new family member.

Pretty thing, ain't she?

Pretty thing, ain't she?

Look at that face!

Look at that face!

Thinline C

Yeah, so its a Fender MIM Thinline. The pickups are Fralin’s and the hollow body sound is great! I wasn’t exactly looking for a Tele at this point, but wanted a single coil sound. And I’ve been playing a Les Paul forever… it feels weird to hold a guitar 1/2 the weight!

If you need any more reason what made my mind up about this:

I’m using it Sunday for the first time, so I’ll let you know how it goes!


8 Responses

  1. oh yeah! what a difference, huh? i remember the first time i used my tele, i hated my tone. but once i got the right settings, i found that my les paul is not as versatile as the tele for worship settings. just tried my les paul again last rehearsal, and while i like it, i still missed my tele. i’m going back to it for Sunday.

    Have fun! One thing, don’t expect your rig to sound good right away without any major adjustments.

  2. sweet!

  3. Thanks guys…!

    Rhoy: yeah, I played with my rig the last couple of days. The Zendrive hasn’t impressed me with the Tele.
    BUT, the OCD sounds so incredible. Wow. Small Fry really takes on a different tone as well. I’m excited to see what I tones I can come up with! 🙂

  4. Congrats on the Tele! I use a Tele exculsively and I love it. It is the only guitar I’ve ever owned that has kept me from GASing for a new guitar. Now my compulsion is pedals. ugh. oh well. Again, congrats!!!

  5. Good pull, bro! If that’s a one piece body on a made in Mexico, then good pull indeed! Great choice on the Fralin’s as well. Very stoked for you, brother! 🙂

  6. les – i actually like the Zen with the Tele rather than an LP. I find that I have more control over the gain. I guess if you’re going for a Larry Carlton type sound, the Tele/Zen wouldn’t work well. Like I said, keep twisting those knobs … and that includes the amp 🙂

  7. Nice guitar! Fralin pickups sound great 🙂

  8. Karl: It is a killer pull. I was just looking for a basic Tele/Strat- MIM, good wood, etc… and put in the pickups/electronics I wanted. Well, this nice guy had already done all that for me!

    Rhoy: yeah, so I messed with all my equipment. Y’know, single coils don’t quite have the output of humbuckers! 😉
    Amp is turned up, more bass, less trebs and now the Zen sounds good. Had to take out some of the voice, add gain and put the tone about 11 o’clock as compared to 1:30 where I normally have it for the LP. I was very happy with my set last Sunday.

    Dan: Thanks! Its a nice clean, spank with the Fralin’s!

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