Some Inspiration…

Our worship team is going through some transitional phases as we have a new leader. She is an incredible, exciting vocalist… but knows nothing about music. Therefore we as the band are having to work with finding the correct keys and modeling into her style. Its tiring, exciting, and a complete dichotomy of feelings. We have had several really great services and we have had several not so great practices/performances.

So what do we do then?

I for one get some musical inspiration to help inspire my tone, my practice, and to renew my tired mind. I use this relaxing to push myself to keep my talent at its highest so I can offer excellence on Sunday mornings.

Albeit, more often than not, I just need to relax and clear my mind. I hope these videos inspire you, and let you relax in their toneful feel….(and apologies to those who frequent the blogs: I reused a couple of these!)

The guys out of Nashville… with a raw, raw tone….

The old guys… who still make me a fanboy….

MMMMmmmm… just listen to the solo at the end…

Now, I’m not into the whole “John Mayer is the pinnacle of tone!” world as some are.  But, he nailed this song:

Yeah. I’m an 80’s kid. Sue me….

A song that was a power statement, is now a ballad? Only one guy can pull that off. Just listen to the guitar’s tone… mmmm.

Deeper stuff to come. I need it light this week!


4 Responses

  1. Just wanted to say hi, I really like your blog and visit ever once in a while.
    Love the kings, don’t they play Orange Amps? great sound
    And Keith Urban is the man, if I could play with 3 rythm guitarists…

  2. Good choices! 🙂 Especially Edge’s solo Sunday. Gorgeous.

  3. Thanks, Larry–great stuff for inspiration! You have great taste.
    BTW, I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I always appreciate your postings.

  4. Ben: I Just love the Solo that Keith does… its… tasty!

    Karl: yeah, i have no idea who showed me that Edge clip… 🙂

    Darrell: Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you keep tuning in!

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