Interesting Performance Tip

I stumbled upon a very cool tip while researching some guitarist/gear/gearpage stuff.

Scott Henderson (think modern jazz) uses his Boss RC-2 looper in his rig to record his rhythm and a lead part. Then he walks through the venue- at all angles- to HEAR what the audience hears. From there he decides what reverb, if any, to use and what his tone adjustments should be as well as his delay settings.

I wonder what I would hear if I walked around and listened to what I play. (kinda humbling, eh?)

Its a good practice! Hmm…. I think some of us “tone crazies” should take a peak into this!


3 Responses

  1. that’s really cool. i used to have another guitarist try to play my rig while i am way at the back. should really try to do this every once in a while again. good find man! :8

  2. I read that before and thought it was genius!
    I let someone play through my rig before and was glad that it sounded good through the mains.

  3. I tried this for practice actually… and figured out I roll back too much treble. I have a pet peeve of guitarists being too trebly, and I think I overcompensate 🙂

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