Pedal death?

Just thought I would pose an interesting question. Sunday,  I was doing some sweet, sweet volume swells. Then, in the middle of a swell: “BWAANG – ANG- ANG-ang- ang…” The volume pedal broke and the delay echoed my note, but not as smooth as it would’ve been.

I decided to switch to a light tremolo with delay to float in the background as a pad. It worked, but not exactly as the volume swell would’ve done. But that’s okay… sometimes you have to make do in a cinch!

Have you ever had a pedal die on you during a middle of a performance? What happened, and what did you do?

On to repair my Ernie Ball VP jr!


2 Responses

  1. didn’t really happen to me personally (just yet) but one time I left my board in the car on one particularly cold winter day. no pedal will come on so during setup/sound checks, i plugged in directly to the amp. lucky, before the start of service, pedals started lighting up again! 😀

  2. @Rhoy: Wow! That bitter Canadian winter! Poor pedals!
    I had a preamp in an acoustic do something similar when I left my acoustic in my trunk all day in 102 degree F weather. After cooling back down and retuning it finally worked. Freaked me out I never did that again.

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