The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! (or… the LOST syndrome)

Okay, so here is a story of one of the weirdest things to ever happen to me.

As a a rule my life here in Puerto Rico has been a little crazy. In fact, we often compare it to the television series “LOST.” For those of you up ‘in the know’ of the show there is one statement I feel like describes my time here perfectly: The Island sometimes gives and sometimes takes away.

Pretty much like this. But without the Polar Bear.

So this past summer we decided that for my year of residency (I’m finishing Optometry school…) that we wanted to move to the coast and enjoy the view of the beach. So I move. I call the internet company and ask them to transfer my account to my new address. So let me explain Island life.

  1. People are lazy.
  2. Things that take a day to get done in CONUS take minimum 2 weeks.
  3. If they think you don’t speak Spanish, they will try to rip you off.
  4. The hardest, most ridiculous way to do something…. is the way they are going to do it.

The nice guy on the phone at the internet company said they cannot transfer my account. I would have to close my account then open a new one. Okay, whatever… put me down for it. The not-so nice guy then tells me it will be $120 installation fee which includes the modem. I say I have the modem. He says okay, they won’t bring one, its still $120. What? I said no thanks.

The key is to shop around. Every industry here has semi-private contractors for the same company/service, so you can nail a deal if you try. I find a contractor for the internet, he tells me the same, but that it will be $80 installation fee. Well… now we are getting somewhere. I tell him I will give him a call.

I then call the internet company back and speak to a girl. I tell her I have a deal for $80, can she do better? Nope, the minimum charge is $140. WHAT? I gave up and said no thanks.

I started thinking about how the service works here. The modems are programmed with a static IP address. That means that your individual IP address is IN your modem and will be wherever your modem goes. In the US (my neighborhood anyway) the IP address is static to your physical location  (dynamic IP) and your modem will NOT work anywhere else it goes. See where I am going with this?

I take my modem to my new apartment and hook it directly to the cable line. BOOM. Internet service, instantly. IP address shows I am still at my old address, but it works. I call the internet company and get them to change my billing address. I am happy.

3 months later: A new couple move into my old place. When they go to get internet hooked up they are told it can’t happen because there is an account open and an IP address already at that location. To shorten the story some- we went around with the internet company about how I do not live there, they do, give them internet. The guy at the company said “its impossible! You can’t be by the beach, we are showing you in the city!”
“No, I am standing on my balcony, I can throw a rock into the ocean right now.”
“That can’t be! Its impossible! We have to cancel your account since you no longer live in this address, but how are you using it by the ocean?”
“If you cancel my account, I WILL NOT pay for re-installation. My balance is paid and the service works perfectly, if you turn it off, its your fault”

I hear a keyboard click over the phone. The dude tells me “open your browser.” I do. It says “page cannot be displayed.” I tell him. He clicks a few more keys and says to try again. Boom. Internet is working again. Done. Was that so hard?

So I once again write it up to island life, LOST syndrome (the Island taketh away..) and just being tired of living here.

So… on Oct 31st 2009…. the Great Pumpkin, in the form of a USPS postman, comes to visit me. I received a letter from the internet company.

All in Spanish, it said, “You Won! Congratulations!” You get this stuff:

  1. Macbook
  2. HP scanner/printer combo
  3. Office for Mac
  4. 1 year free Internet service

I am overjoyed!! Wow. I never win anything.

So I call the number listed to claim my prize. The nice lady on the phone (see how nice/bad interchanges depending on which part of the story?) lets me know the prizes won’t be available to pick up until January, then goes to inform me about the contest.
“Thank you for being a customer with us. We appreciate your business! This contest was one we were holding in August and September to anyone who opened a new account with us. Thank you for choosing us as your internet provider!”
Wait. What? I didn’t open a new account- i told the guy to change it to my new place…. wait….

I tried to explain. But… it was settled. I was the winner. I opened a new account. It falls into “Sometimes the Island giveth.”
Here you are:

Merry Christmas. And It's Free. Even Better.

So now I have a Mac. And I also just bought an Apogee ONE which is a great recording interface, specifically designed for Mac and Garageband etc… And its cool too.

I’m going to try to demo a couple of things and see how this ONE gizmo handles. I have a couple vids done and a couple planned. I’m just hoping that they turn out and don’t suck! 🙂
How come I practice what I want to play, turn the camera on and then boom, can’t play? LOL.

Next post or two will be: Jetter GSR vs GSB. Hope you’ll like it.


PS: I just found out that Hermidaaudio linked my Zendrive review. Wow.
That is all.


3 Responses

  1. That’s awesome!
    I was going to ask you if you were planning on returning to the mainland after your residency but now the island may have other plans for you. 🙂

  2. great story. reminds me when I was living in the Philippines 😆

    congratulations for the stuff. everything worked out after all! anxious to see the demo …

  3. Thanks guys!
    However, i hope the LOST syndrome stops- and the Island lets me leave!!!
    I will return stateside in a few months!

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