Small Victories…

This is reminiscing post…

When I first started playing guitar, I was really into this ‘new’ worship scene. All you needed were a couple guitars, a capo, a tamborine and bongos (if you were fortunate). The major stylings were from influence of early Paul Baloche, Caedmon’s Call, Jars of Clay, Rich Mullins and some modernish folky guys like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Andrew Peterson.

I heard many great songs that seemed to be centered on 1 nice guitar part. It was amazing how one could change the main ‘root’ of a chord, or the bassline and make a whole new feel to song- with 1 guitar!

I tried to conquer the styles I heard, but I could not play some of the chord inversions. At last, I gave in and played regular chords. When I tired of that, I played alternate tunings to try to get that sound.
One of the chords I could never play was the A/C#

See, you play your A with your first finger barring the second fret over the 3 notes like a normal A (some people use 3 fingers), then on the A string, you press the fourth fret with your ring finger. I could never play that! It always ended up one lousy ‘bloomph’ of a strum. I wrote that full chord out of my playing vocabulary.

So last week I was screwing around with my King of Tone pedal…. and of course was trying to sound “Toneful” and bluesy/jazzy out of respect for the pedal. I started playing weird inversions and trying to chase a jazz sound and I nailed this chord that sounded so awesome, so pristine! It was a B/D# chord.
You know, the same thing as a A/C#, but just a step higher (2 frets higher) on the neck.

That made me think… if I can play this chord, maybe I can the A/C#?

The point: After years of experience, you will be able to play what you want. Practice and being comfortable in you instrument brings many promises to fruition.

I now have a new chord to add to my playing vocabulary!

As a side note, in about 2 months we are moving back to the States! Yea! The blog may be not be updated until Summer’s end as we begin our next transition of our lives. I have a ton of gear I want to do reviews for- but I honestly don’t have time now and I have to start shipping stuff home, so ‘bye bye’ gear for now.
If I don’t update, know that this is surely only a short term thing!


4 Responses

  1. Good luck with your move! Are you going back to Nashville?

  2. Good stuff!!! I love inversions & chord substitutions 🙂

    and yeah, God bless with the move!

  3. Probably not back to Nashville…. I have a couple years’ military commitment to finish first 🙂
    I am hoping near Atlanta though. After that, yeah, back to Nashville. Music “just happens” in Nashville!

  4. A/C# was always my bane. After ten years of playing, It still feels very uncomfortable.

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