Where I have been…

Wow, my last post was almost 5 months previously! Time has FLOWN!
For those that follow my blog- alot has happened in that time. I have left the island of Puerto Rico and settled in North Carolina. I have been bouncing back and forth from NC to TX doing random training for the ARMY. I’ve enjoyed starting my career and seeing patients. And between all that I’ve been settling down to find a new church and a new team to play with.

Thanks to Tanya for the last concert I played in Puerto Rico. It was a very special night of music, classical and modern; worship, Spanish and English. We played some great originals and a couple of covers.

The Les Paul is me...

Its an exciting time to finally be jumping into my career that I have studied almost 10 years for. Its also exciting to look at getting upgrades on things I couldn’t budget before to get! I’m looking at new amps and to finally finalize my pedal board into what I truly want it to be. (nothing crazy of course- its 80-90% where I want it to be right now!)

For my graduation, my wife conjured up a great present idea- so slowly over the last couple of years I have had a guitar built to my specifications, combining my favorite elements from my two favorite guitars: my Les Paul and my Fender Thinline. So Rob over at www.prairiewoodguitars.com really outdid himself and used his “Midwesterner” model with my tweaks. The result is outstanding.

Next up- naming her!

I will be getting back into posting this month! I hope to have a post a week on average, and will be looking forward to rejoining the blogging guitar/effect/worship/gearhead community.

Thanks for hanging in there!



6 Responses

  1. hey hey hey … good to see you blog’n again. and wow, that is a great guitar! i am green with envy 😉

  2. Wow, the guitar is very interesting! Something between les paul ,telecaster and another guitar 😀
    I like that! I need one too! 😉 Maybe sometimes…

    God bless You, Larry!

  3. Thanks guys! I look forward to talking tone with both of you! I’ll let you know how the guitar plays out 🙂 She’s nice at bedroom settings, and I’m sure I’ll play it live real soon!

  4. Larriooooooooo!!!!

    Next time you come to Texas you better call me or I’ll….. I dunno. Just call me brother!!

  5. So awesome to see you posting again, and the new guitar is a real looker. I’ll be interested to hear what she sounds like. Great to have you back & posting again!

  6. Nice to see you posting again.
    What amps and pedals are you looking at?

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