The Amp Chronicles; pt 2

In my previous post I discussed the two amps I’m deciding between: The Matchless Avalon, and the Dr Z Maz 18, NR.
Here is further fodder for thought, or reasons why I like each amp.

I’ll be making the decision soon… stay tuned!


7 Responses

  1. both great amps, but like the mids of the dr. z better

  2. For me Dr.Z is winner! šŸ˜‰

  3. love the versatility of both … i guess it would be the price tag (and maybe resale value) that will eventually dictate šŸ˜‰

    btw, if you get the Dr. Z, you need to get someone to turn the dials for you! hehe

  4. Thanks guys! I’m still narrowing it all down. I got a pretty killer offer on the Matchless which makes it not much more than the Dr Z. Both are excellent choices!
    Rhoy, you are welcome to turn the dials! lol

  5. Hey there,

    I’m new here! I highly, highly recommend the Dr. Z. I’ve been using the Maz 18 for over a year now and I’ve never played a more versatile amp in my life. No matter what or where I play it suits what I’m doing. I’m a big pedal geek and this thing takes pedals very well. Also, Z’s are super reliable (cathode bias, etc). In fairness, I’ve never played the Matchless…but I love my Z so much that I’m about to purchase my second Maz. I’ve got the 2×10 combo now and I’m going to pick up the head and Z-Best 2×12 cab.

    Also, I would recommend the picking up Dr. Z’s Brake Lite attenuator for inside the cab. I use that as well and it also works wonders to tame the volume. The Maz sounds the best with the Master wide open and the Brake Lite is necessary for that scenario.

    Anyway, just my $.02. Happy hunting!!

  6. hmmm… i’m getting great input on both amps. Maybe I should just get both!!

  7. haha Yes on both. šŸ™‚

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