Saturday Surprise

When I got to my mail today there  were a couple of surprises….

First was from one of my best friends. Here is a great sticker I have got to put somewhere:

True. Def true.

And secondly, this showed up:

Smells like beautiful, beautiful tone.

The Toneczar Dove! The classiest of the classy boutique pedals. You open up the back and fairies, small fairies fly straight from the PCB and hide beneath the op-amps. I think they live in the op-amps. I haven’t enough time on this thing (only about 30-40 mins) to make a great review/judgment, but I dare say I’m pretty impressed so far. So I guess once my “amp chronicles” are over, I’ll talk about this thing.
See: toneczar effects for further information on this and other effects.

Wow, fun Saturday!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Larry! Yesterday I saw this sticker and I will make T-Shirt with this picture 😀 For my girl I will make Love One God… many basses 😀

    Nice pedal! 😉 What is your current pedalboard?

  2. i think the chrome polished version has a spot for you inside to live with the fairies! nice score 😉

  3. @Zakkiss— i’m getting there, I promise! I’ll try to update my gear page soon…. I need to do that!

    @Rhoy– This was a ‘surprise’ 2 year wait list come to fruition. You know, you sign up, forget, and then its like magic when its ready. Tons of surprises!

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