I will be slowly adding “My Gear” page, editing the “Pedalboard 101” into something that flows better, and possibly even editing the “About Me” page. I want these pages to be easy to access. I think I overloaded the “Pedalboard 101” as its a big junky. This should be pretty fun.

I also am changing a few things on my blog. I think I’m going to steer this blog away from some religious discussions and keep it more toward gear/guitars etc… I’ll still write mainly to the guitar player in a church setting, but I’ve felt that this blog is guitar-oriented. I get tons of hits from all over the world and don’t want to chase anyone off.

However, I do have tons of religious/theological discussion that pops into my head. And it is the type of conversations that perhaps are too deep, or pretty random for a site completely about gear. Now I’ll be a bit free-er to speak my mind. So… If that’s something you want to follow, come visit here: http://disenchantedtheist.wordpress.com/

Basically both this blog and the other are going through updates and should be doing better in a week or two.

I leave this opportunity out there: Any requests? What do you want to know about? What do you want discussed?
Leave it in a comment below!



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  1. with all the selling/buying you did recently, I’m sure your old pages are really outdated … that’s an interesting blog that you have started and I will definitely check it out 😉

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