Just for Fun; a signature lick….

This post is two-fold… first, myself and my bro-in-law were joking that the *beep* sound on his computer telling him that he has new mail just wasn’t as cool as it should be. Which evolved into a quick recording session and a new mail-notification. I present to you- recorded and edited by my Bro-in-law, all guitar and vocals me:

Thus my “signature” lick. I have been asked before what “that” was that I play sometimes, so here it is. You see, I don’t play really fast, I’m more bluesy and melodic. However, I do have 2-3 licks that I “rip” off to melt faces for a second when needed. This lick I sometimes start out with then go to a slower, more melodic part. Other times I go slower then end with something similar to this to allow a feeling of finality on the solo. Give it a shot. Practice each note by note, until it sounds about right then slowly speed it up until it is the same speed as the recording. As with anything musical, find the slow, deliberate notes- perfecting the scales/licks- then speed the tempo up until you are where you want to be.

That last note ( @10) is a passing note… slide off. Listen to the recording.

For those interested, that was the mini-humbucker on an Epiphone Alleykat into DrZ Maz Jr NR. No pedals used.

Special Thanks to Rhoy for the tab-helps.


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  1. LOL … “Like” the clip 😉

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