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some tab, favorite riffs, scales…. worship song interpretations……

Scale/Lead lessons:

Pentatonic to Major Scale


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  1. Great info. Where do I put my Roland RC 50 loop station? Thanks -jmac

  2. @John: I would put it at the end of your chain.. after everything. Maybe last in the effects loop. That way all of you effects can be looped as you see fit! All modulation and delays will be there, and if you prefer the amps distortion, then being post effect loop will pick up that sound too!!

  3. My worship band doesn’t prefer a lot of high gain overdrive. Right now my setup is a Hagstrom HJ600 into a Boss ME50(not mine to keep) direct into the PA.

    What is your thought on boost pedals like the MXR MC402 of even just the clean boost in the MXR Micro Amp? I have heard a lot about them and didn’t know if you have used them at all. I would love to pick something up that would almost give me a tone that is somewhere between clean and overdrive. I guess almost a subtle blues tone with a little twang.

    Let me know of any more of your thoughts on this.

  4. John: as for a boost, they work great- giving you just a touch of overdrive, or crisp clear cleans. However, you state you play direct to a PA. IMHO, a boost works in front of an amp- to push that amp to the tone you want. I do not think it would work for you.
    I think if you are going to play direct (and not get an amp in the future) you need a pre-amp kit of some sort to do as you described. Xotic makes several quality preamps.
    I used a Hughes and Kettner Tubeman as a preamp/overdrive for years by going direct PA when I had to. I loved that thing: http://www.hughes-and-kettner.com/products.php?mode=prod&id=11
    It would do as you said: clean/overdrive… subtle blues with twang. BUT, you could go heavier than that too… 🙂 All in all a great piece.
    I hope that answer was semi-what you were looking for.

  5. Hi. My name is Vince. I’m constantly modifying my pedalboard and I still can’t find the right sound / tone. I’m trying to match John Frusciante’s tone… If possible, could you help me figure out the order I should put the pedals in ? I’ve tried putting the Wah before the distortion and when the distortion is on, I have to use my neck pick-up in order for the wah to be heard. And I’ve tried it after the distortion, and the wah sound was way too prominent. I can’t figure it out. Here are my pedals:
    – Boss DS-2
    – Boss DD-7
    – Boss NS-2
    – Boss PW-10
    – Boss CE-5
    – Big Muff Pi (U.S.A.)
    – Line 6 FM4 (not needed, but preferred)
    – Korg Pitchblack Tuner
    – DigiTech Main Squeeze (not needed, but preferred)

  6. Hey Vince— sounds like you may need to adjust your wah’s sweep! Try opening the bottom plate and look for the straight piece that feeds into a round gear. You should be able to slide that straight geared piece out of the mechanism, twist the round gear (the tone sweep) and then put the straight gear back. Experiment until you get the wah sweep that works for you.
    I’d run: Korg- Main Squeeze- DS2- Big Muff- NS (if needed)- CE5- FM4- DD7
    I hope that works out for you!!

  7. Thanks ! I replaced the PW-10 V-Wah, with a WD-7 Weeping Demon. Should I put that before the Korg or after ? Also, I added an Ernie Ball VP JR. to the board, as well as a Boss FZ-2. The FM4 won’t be used. What order would you suggest ?

  8. Hi Larry, im planning on building a mini pedalboard for our lead guitarist but i dont have enough ideas on how and what kind of effects im suppose to pick, im planning of maybe 4 or 5 stompbox, wahwah pedal, overdrive, distortion, chorus, tremolo and delay any comments u have will be appreciated..thank u and Godbless..^^

  9. @Vince: I think I would put the wah where the other wah is, but maybe put the volume pedal after the squeeze and then put the tuner on the out. Rest I would put as I said before 🙂

    @Daryl: Hey, welcome! If you just need a basic pedal board I would start with this: 1 Overdrive (Low Gain), 1 Distortion (High Gain), 1 Delay pedal w/ tap tempo (and ability to do dotted 8ths), and 1 tremolo pedal w/ a square and sine wave.
    This will give you basic tones and you can even blend the OD/dist pedals to get a 3rd tone.

    As you build I would add a wah, modulation: Chorus or phaser, and reverbs. But those are my starting pedals for most modern music (Praise and Worship/Modern Rock – U2/Muse/Snow Patrol etc….)

  10. In between which two pedals would you suggest I put the wah ?

  11. This is more of a question than reply. I’m wanting to set up a amp, probably Roland 80 in the garage and want to play to baclground music to work on leads. What do you suggest, in the easiest language to understand, the technical requirements, as far as what kind of MP-3 player to get, as a plug-in. Would you think this is a good beginning way to start working on leads, bends, ect..

  12. @Sara: you can pretty much use any MP3 player. If you are plugging it into a guitar amp, you just need to make sure you get the correct adapters (a music store or radio shack should have them). You are going to need a headphone jack to a quarter-inch guitar jack adapter/cable. I think that is what you are asking 🙂
    Feel free to hit me back if I misread your question.

  13. Hi I have an RC-3 loop station and would like some of the effects (chorus, echo etc) to enhance some of the phrases. Can this be achieved by placing the loop station at the beginning of the chain? I also play in a worship backing band and often use a lot of backing phrases.

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