K-Line San Bernardino

First, this is not my guitar.
Yeah, let’s get that straight. Second, I wish it was.

Chris from over at K-Line guitars has been nice enough to let folks try out his instruments and I had the joy of playing his Jaguar/Jazzmaster style-copy: the San Bernardino. Continue reading


How to Repair a Ernie Ball VP jr for cheap!

Wow, So I just repaired my VP jr, and did so for under $6 USD. You see, you can send the pedal into the factory and pay them $25 to fix it all, or do it at home and save $20!

here is the link: Amazon.com

and a video showing how easy it is (almost super easy, the “connect to the spring” section took a few mins).

Keep playing!

Your Effects Chain: Wah

Welcome to one of the most used effects in all modern music!

This little guy was well established by Jimi Hendrix and if you read the advertisements, every modern day wah claims to be able to recreate this trademark sound. Continue reading

My Pedalboard- Effects chain

Welcome viewers. I know I’ve seen many questions on pedalboards, their setups and the hows and whys behind it all. I’m going to talk about my board today, and in subsequent posts inform on WHY I placed each effect where, why I chose this particular effect, and why I may change and the difference of sounds with each change.

The recommended setup is as follows (generally): Continue reading

Welcome to a new thing

So guys, a new deal, new hour, and a lot of busy change. I am gearing up for finals, starting my practical examinations for my doctoral, and been asked to be the main worship guy at our church— 3 services, 2 English, 1 Spanish. Its a lot on my plate!
And I’m being sponsored at a teaching hospital with the Army this Summer. Then time to study for boards. I can’t wait for all to be over, but am actually kinda enjoying it.
Keep posted as I post thoughts on all the above! My thoughts will be mostly music playing/performing, guitar effects, tone, setup etc… in general. I hope I can help with what little i know!