Gear Update: Pedalboard, Guitar

It seems I get into the habit of making posts… then life happens and I either 1) Get busy or 2) forget I have this blog!

The good news Is I have been practicing about an hour, 3-4 days a week, and can really tell the difference it is making. I’m not doing anything hardcore or anything, just reviewing scales, the shapes, up and down the neck and scales on individual strings (up and down the neck on one string). Basically stuff to break my monotony. I have 2 scale shapes I wear out, and I really would like to use more of the guitar’s neck!

So here is my current board setup. Continue reading


My Self Challenge

Saturday night I was placing my pedalboard in an order and got a wild idea: here are a few pedals I love, but have never played out! I have experimented in house with them, but never performed live. I decided to slap them on my board and make the most out of what I have to work with. I tried to be completely aloof and completely go out on a limb with a different rig… but had to slap my old trusty Zendrive on there just as backup in case my experiment went wild. Continue reading