Gear Update: Pedalboard, Guitar

It seems I get into the habit of making posts… then life happens and I either 1) Get busy or 2) forget I have this blog!

The good news Is I have been practicing about an hour, 3-4 days a week, and can really tell the difference it is making. I’m not doing anything hardcore or anything, just reviewing scales, the shapes, up and down the neck and scales on individual strings (up and down the neck on one string). Basically stuff to break my monotony. I have 2 scale shapes I wear out, and I really would like to use more of the guitar’s neck!

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Pedalboard update

Like many other gear-heads, I change my pedalboard about every 3 months. I never know why, it just happens.

For those following the blog, I really didn’t change any of the effects, or even the chain- I just made the whole thing simpler. This allowed me to fit effects that normal I just “rotate out” when I don’t need them (compressor, wah). Continue reading

Finding Your Sound Pt2: My Amp and Suggested Setups

My amp I play with now is Fender’s Super Champ XD.

This puppy has two 6V6 tubes and one 12AX7. Thus the preamp and main amplifier are tube driven. This thing has incredible tone, both clean and overdriven. Its perfect for just a ‘touch’ of grit Continue reading

Finding Your Sound Pt 1: Types of Amps

So- you have your electric guitar (I am partial to the Les Pauls), you have had a lesson or two, and now are ready to perform. What is the ONE element you absolutely need to perform?
An Amp.
So, for my first topic today, faithful viewers, is on Amps. Without an amp your guitar is just… *chink chink chink*
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Like all the guitarists I know, I have G.A.S.

And you dear reader, probably have it too.

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