Gear Update: Pedalboard, Guitar

It seems I get into the habit of making posts… then life happens and I either 1) Get busy or 2) forget I have this blog!

The good news Is I have been practicing about an hour, 3-4 days a week, and can really tell the difference it is making. I’m not doing anything hardcore or anything, just reviewing scales, the shapes, up and down the neck and scales on individual strings (up and down the neck on one string). Basically stuff to break my monotony. I have 2 scale shapes I wear out, and I really would like to use more of the guitar’s neck!

So here is my current board setup. Continue reading


Saturday Surprise

When I got to my mail today thereĀ  were a couple of surprises….

First was from one of my best friends. Here is a great sticker I have got to put somewhere:

True. Def true.

And secondly, this showed up:

Smells like beautiful, beautiful tone.

The Toneczar Dove! The classiest of the classy boutique pedals. You open up the back and fairies, small fairies fly straight from the PCB and hide beneath the op-amps. I think they live in the op-amps. I haven’t enough time on this thing (only about 30-40 mins) to make a great review/judgment, but I dare say I’m pretty impressed so far. So I guess once my “amp chronicles” are over, I’ll talk about this thing.
See: toneczar effects for further information on this and other effects.

Wow, fun Saturday!